Sunday, August 3, 2008

long weekend what if...

If he was here:
- somewhere in Niagara having lunch and shopping
- at my house being a couch potato watching Discovery channel
- dinner and a movie
- church

If I have a car and know how to drive one:
- one night in Niagara with whoever is available
- mall/park hopping
- doing random errands for the sake of getting out of the house

If I'm the independent type:
- mall/park hopping
- lunch and dinner at different restaurants (since my parents are not here again for a week)

And other endless possibilities...

So far, half of this long weekend was spent:
- webcam-talk on MSN with him
- haircut (shorter and more errr Asian? haircut. haha) and dinner with a friend
- laundry
- cleaning the house
- watching TV, listening to music and browsing endlessly

Sigh. But things are well and I am a happy camper nonetheless (save for the tragedy that happened to a family member). It's always a wake-up call when a life ends unexpectedly.

Countdown: 19 more days til he comes back. Yey!

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