Monday, February 15, 2010

roses are red

Yesterday was Valentine's Day and last night was spent at a hotel hall with members and guests of the church - dining and dancing.

We didn't really dance because as J said, "I was waiting for a slow song" to which I countered with a disappointed tone, "how would we know if they played one if we were outside?". Erm. I gave him credit though, he bought a dozen roses and convinced two girls to come up to me during dinner and scream happy Valentine's. I melted inside - from the inquiring stares I felt and the actual sweetness of his gesture.

I guess I just need to give him a break. He does try.

Today is our anniversary and I didn't buy him any thing. I think we're kind of pass that. I did give him a card that says, Sometimes I wonder why I put up with you - (inside) it's probably because you put up with me.

Mushy things aside
- I had the biggest banana-choco-hazelnut crepe. YUM!
- I wish I have longer lashes (haha)
- my coworker tried to convince me to switch shifts and end up working 4 nights straight. erm.
- I am now saying boink everytime I go up and down the stairs. :S

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

word game

I feel disconnected. Is that even the right word? Maybe, indifferent is better. It's really hard to describe.



... ?

I believe I can be described as a downer right now. Yup. I think so.