Tuesday, August 28, 2007

magic number is...

As the saying goes, my mind is racing in fifty different directions.

Summer, are you about to leave me again?
Damn fly why won't you leave me alone?!
Fly me to the moon is a great song.
Was it just a rumour that there will be two "moons" tonight?
I heard a rumour that they're not a happy couple afterall.
Are you happy with your job?, she asked.
She got a job at Japan teaching English at a small village.
I have small bite marks on my legs that I have no idea where it came from.
I took a bite out of that cheese biscuit and regretted following the saying, "try something new".
Is it really possible to have no regrets, even a tiny bit?
I'm a bit sleepy.
Sleepy is what I am as soon as I step foot inside the bus.
The bus ride usually takes me about fifteen minutes.
The minutes I spent drying my long hair could be spent doing something else.
I want to cut my hair today.
I have a cut on my arm that appeared out of nowhere.
Are we out of normal saline again?
We have been planning to go to the CN tower for weeks now.
I saw an article in the newspaper about a tall lego tower kids were trying to build.
Am I taller than you?
You told me you were going to call me yesterday but you fell asleep.
Yesterday, I almost skipped work out of sheer frustration.
All work and no play makes me a dull girl.
It's a baby girl!
Is that a baby crying I hear?
Good thing, the baby still recognized me after a month of not seeing me.
A trip to the mall to shop for clothes once a month is reasonable right?
Walking around the mall for hours on high heels was a stupid idea afterall.
How many hours do I spend staring at the computer screen everyday?
I never did bother to wear sunscreen during the winter.
I could have sworn he said he wears his jeans all year long without washing them.
He told me he'd like to marry me someday.
The only shoes I liked while shoe browsing are too expensive to be justified.
Do you want me to buy you shoes?
I want to go to the park and clear my head.
Is he a head or a spine?
He reminded me of someone.
Someone told me that I tend to exaggerate sometimes.
I have problems spelling certain words.
They assured me that problems are part of life.
I want to see Lifehouse perform "You and Me".
You still surprise me.
I'm still in awe about the things people do get attention.
I have short attention span.
I have a fear of buying too many things at a time and realizing I'm short by ten cents.
One time at band camp...
I miss camping.
The thought of missing what's really important in life scares me.
I mentally list the important things I need to accomplish and forget it was there in the first place.
Summer, don't forget to come back next year okay?

Friday, August 24, 2007

but they're busy

As I lay comfortably in my bed, typing away at my most expensive purchase to date, a fly keeps bumping in to the screen. I thought it was only moths that are attracted to light but then again I'm not an expert regarding the insect world. I'm not sure where they're coming from because there seems to be some sort of get together party in the kitchen. All I can say is that my mom won't be happy.

She's finally back after a three week unexpected trip to Philippines. The table is once again filled with yema, chicharon, pastillas, boy bawang and ding dongs. Yumm. I got clothes, a bag, pen, wallet and earrings. I only asked for unexpensive pearl earrings (because I lost the ones I bought) and a make-up remover from Bench. I bought it before out of sheer desperation to buy something extra and surprisingly it's the only one that I've tried that actually works without excessive rubbing whenever I use waterproof mascara.


The past week was anything but relaxing. I won tickets to a baseball game. My unit had a name-the-newsletter contest and thanks to one AHA! moment, I was given a chance to go to my first trip to the huge dome. Even though we didn't really stay for the whole game, I had a great time. We were even shown on the big screen twice! It was kinda funny coz I was trying to look where the cameraman is while trying to look as normal as possible. Hahaha.

The rest of the week was preparing for a surprise 25th wedding anniversary celebration. We were assigned to take care of the invitation and slide show. With the amount of time given to us, we did pretty well. I can only wish for something like that when I reach that part of my life too.

Even before the big day, I was also invited to a fancy dinner. Although I'm more of a fast food type of girl, every now and then I want to experience eating at fancy restaurants. Sure the food is expensive and the servings small but if everything else is perfect then it's worth it. I'm definitely suggesting that once a month we'll eat at different restaurants. Haha.

And before I have I go insane and hunt down that fly, I'm gonna go to sleep. I'm working nights this weekend and although it's good practice to sleep late, my body says otherwise.

The first comment I got from my aunt when we picked them up from the airport is how pale I look. Sigh.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

do you hear me laughing?

A joke carelessly delivered spiralled in to an opening for something worth fighting over.
Í was just joking. I'm sorry.
It dídn't really matter. Sorry or not, it's already been said.
Echoes are hard to get rid off.
It sits in your mind waiting for the perfect opportunity to utter the same words.
Over and over again.
Am I overreacting? Maybe, maybe not.
That arguement will never be enough to lessen the damage.

But I am sleepy and tired of the same old.
I wake up tomorrow, feeling refreshed and convinced the echoes will eventually tire itself out.
It can't possibly last that long, right?
After all, my memory or is it my conscience that can't hold that kind of grudge?
I'm not too sure either.
All I know is that it doesn't have enough space for such silly things.

Tomorrow will be another day.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

you're gonna be the one that saves me

As much as I whine, bitch and complain about work, there are rewarding days or mere moments that make it worth while.

I was at the nursing station looking clueless, as I always do, when one of my patients from last week called me to come closer. He said he just wanted to thank me for being helpful and caring when I was assigned to him. It wasn't like it was the first thank you I've heard for the day but somehow it felt more genuine. I almost wanted to hug him and tell him that even though it doesn't seem much to thank me, it meant a lot. I wished him all the luck and promised to say goodbye again because I will be working the time he'll be leaving the hospital.

I can't really express or explain how much it affected me. It seems odd that a simple thank you actually made my day but it did. It may be because that in my profession, it is expected that I care for the patients and at times become their 24/7 service-at-hand just by pressing a call bell. It may also be because that not all patients bother to recognize what we do. Whatever the reason may be, I'm just happy I made a difference.

*from Wonderwall by Oasis

Monday, August 13, 2007

no, no you're funnier

My life at the moment revolves around work. Social activities, plans, laundry days and even food intake depends on my schedule. Before I can make any move, a series of questions pass through my head:
(a) Is it my weekend on or off?
(b) Day or night shift?
(c) Eight hours or twelve?
(d) Am I gonna be too tired to function after work/planned activity?
(e) Can I take the day off?
(f) Can someone pick me up?
(g) Am I getting paid this week?

The rest might be too weird/funny to share but you get my drift.
Ever find out something interesting/controversial/funny about a friend/family/acquaintance through their status in Friendster or Facebook?

I remember someone telling me how she found out her cousin got married without telling the family. She called him to confirm the news and instead of saying it was just a joke, he admitted it was the case. Sometimes its quite funny/sad how you can easily find out that a couple is fighting just by the way one or both changes their once "married/in a relationship status" to "its complicated". Sigh. Then other stalkers/friends might as well check out their pictures/comments to see if they have taken each other out. Then, it's a sure sign.

Even more disturbing if your gf/bf changes their status and you didn't even know you were fighting in the first place. Errr.
Weather forecast: I still have a couple of activities/places to cross off my list before summer ends. The weather has been semi-cooperative and I'm optimistic that I will not be disappointed.

The only thing I miss is camping.

Friday, August 10, 2007

all work and no play

Yesterday's trip to the mall wasn't as fun as I hoped it would be. I mentally made a list of what I could/should buy: shoes, semi-formal/grown-up tops, baby shower gift and jeans. For someone who likes to shop, this would be an exciting opportunity but I am not one of them. It wasn't even about the money, I just can't be at the mall by myself.

I dragged my feet to every shoe store browsing at their collection of lifestyle/casual shoes hoping to find a replacement for the pair I bought in Philippines. I guess I shouldn't have made it into my nursing shoes even though the whiteness of it was just begging for it to be. Sigh. So now, I'm left shoe-less and frustrated. If after two more trips to the mall for shoe shopping leads to disappointment, I might have to ask my mom to buy me the same exact one while she's still in Philippines. Hehe.


A week ago, I cut my finger while attempting to crack open a vial of Gravol. Lucky me, my finger slipped right through the broken glass which led to bleeding and panic. It wasn't because I hate blood but more so because it would be embarrassing. Haha. Since I was at work, it was dealt with in a different way as I would have if I was at home:
(1) wash hands with antibacterial soap
(2) tell my mentor about said incident
(3) run to the supply room and apply gauze
(4) wipe it with alcohol swab (it stings!)
(5) put band-aid and a clear, waterproof dressing so I can still wash my hands later
(6) file an incident report
(7) prepare the medication again and go back to work
And so far I've had the manager, nurse-in-charge and the occupational health nurse ask me how my finger is doing.

While I was looking through my online album, I noticed two tags displayed that I have NEVER used: beautiful and gorgeous. Curious as to what pictures could possibly have those tags, I investigated. Much to my dismay, both were a unflattering picture of myself that I didn't particularly like. WTH!

So many odd things happening.

Did anyone get that circulating forward/email about "two moons on August 27"? Hopefully I'm not working that day. Superstitious nurses say that during a full moon, a lot of thing happen in the hospital. Eek!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

rewarding myself

A few unscheduled purchases later, I am broke. :$

Yesterday, the plan was just to hang out and possibly help to clean someone's house. It's not exciting but it's way better than just staying at home and wondering why I'm by myself on the weekend I'm off. Then a question was thrown casually, "you want to go to Sony store?" Of course I couldn't resist the temptation and blurted out yes. A few minutes inside the store, disappointed at their lack of cheaper memory card for the digicam, I spent my money instead on a leather case. Overpriced but it looked cute. That's enough justification if you ask me.

Unsatisfied, we went to a better store and a couple minutes later I applied for the store's credit card. Surprisingly my limit is enough to make someone cringe and protest as to why I should get so much. I joked that it's good for "emergencies". Errr. To make a long story short, I bought a laptop. I didn't bring it home yet because I might get in trouble for over spending when I've only had one pay so far. Sigh.

Memory lapse moment: I was pretty good today, I didn't spend a lot. | Umm yes you did. | You mean my shaver? *a few seconds later* Oh yeahhhh those. :$


My mom's not here for three weeks and I have a feeling I'll be losing much needed pounds. Sigh. It is hard to live off noodles, eggs and limited (or none at all) cooking skills.

Friday, August 3, 2007

oh the heat, the heat

Finally, I can say that it's summer. Not because I've been doing my usual summer activities. Not even because I don't have school to worry about. But simply because it's HOT!

I must admit that setting my shower to warm on a hot day does not help my goal to feel fresh. At the end of it, I keep wondering whether I'm still damp from the shower or if I'm already sweating.


It's been two weeks of night shift and as expected, it has taken a toll on my body. My appetite barely exists and my sleep pattern screwed up. Good thing I have three days to adjust before I start on days. After getting paid, there is something to look forward to. There are days that I just want to call-in-sick but still go through the motions of getting ready until I'm convinced that it would be a waste of effort to get back to bed.

In any case, it's my weekend off and I have no plans. Sigh.

I have too much to write but I keep doubting my grammar and it's bugging me. I write in incomplete sentences at work (charting) and I'm tempted to do the same. Maybe next time. Errr.