Tuesday, August 28, 2007

magic number is...

As the saying goes, my mind is racing in fifty different directions.

Summer, are you about to leave me again?
Damn fly why won't you leave me alone?!
Fly me to the moon is a great song.
Was it just a rumour that there will be two "moons" tonight?
I heard a rumour that they're not a happy couple afterall.
Are you happy with your job?, she asked.
She got a job at Japan teaching English at a small village.
I have small bite marks on my legs that I have no idea where it came from.
I took a bite out of that cheese biscuit and regretted following the saying, "try something new".
Is it really possible to have no regrets, even a tiny bit?
I'm a bit sleepy.
Sleepy is what I am as soon as I step foot inside the bus.
The bus ride usually takes me about fifteen minutes.
The minutes I spent drying my long hair could be spent doing something else.
I want to cut my hair today.
I have a cut on my arm that appeared out of nowhere.
Are we out of normal saline again?
We have been planning to go to the CN tower for weeks now.
I saw an article in the newspaper about a tall lego tower kids were trying to build.
Am I taller than you?
You told me you were going to call me yesterday but you fell asleep.
Yesterday, I almost skipped work out of sheer frustration.
All work and no play makes me a dull girl.
It's a baby girl!
Is that a baby crying I hear?
Good thing, the baby still recognized me after a month of not seeing me.
A trip to the mall to shop for clothes once a month is reasonable right?
Walking around the mall for hours on high heels was a stupid idea afterall.
How many hours do I spend staring at the computer screen everyday?
I never did bother to wear sunscreen during the winter.
I could have sworn he said he wears his jeans all year long without washing them.
He told me he'd like to marry me someday.
The only shoes I liked while shoe browsing are too expensive to be justified.
Do you want me to buy you shoes?
I want to go to the park and clear my head.
Is he a head or a spine?
He reminded me of someone.
Someone told me that I tend to exaggerate sometimes.
I have problems spelling certain words.
They assured me that problems are part of life.
I want to see Lifehouse perform "You and Me".
You still surprise me.
I'm still in awe about the things people do get attention.
I have short attention span.
I have a fear of buying too many things at a time and realizing I'm short by ten cents.
One time at band camp...
I miss camping.
The thought of missing what's really important in life scares me.
I mentally list the important things I need to accomplish and forget it was there in the first place.
Summer, don't forget to come back next year okay?


jm said...

the thought of you thinking too much scares me.... hahaha

don't forget to enjoy summer next year okay?

kristine said...

hahaha. it scares me too. :P

i'm enjoying the summer.
or should i say i enjoyed summer?