Thursday, May 26, 2011

i need an intervention

I went shopping. Again.


My bank statement is filled with random purchases and is definitely on its all time high this month. I was only suppose to buy a dress for a wedding and I came out of the mall with a dress and two spring/fall jackets. Wt. I am contemplating on returning one of them but knowing how lazy I can be, might mean I'll have to just wear it until I use it for what its worth.

I have been staying at J's place to play house. It just means I pretend it's my place and clean and cook as if I live there by myself. For the two days I stayed, J was at work for 10 hours and home for 30 minutes to eat then leave for another 4 hours for school.

I cooked/experimented in the kitchen and much to my dismay, I only liked two out of four. J insisted it was all good and I say he's just afraid that I will never cook again if he criticized it (which of course may be true). :S He said I should try to cook sinigang and adobo next - I say don't hold his breath.

Weirdly enough, I find touching raw meat a little iffy. I would go with baking but measuring everything is a little tedious. Even looking for the ingredients was tiresome. I think I am not made for cooking.

Until that becomes more apparent, I am looking forward to the next dish on the list :)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

early morning babble

the aftermath of night shifting is insomnia.

insomnia serves me well when i have to work nights because i can last the twelve hour shift without some sort of nap/break. unfortunately, it carries over for a few days which will leave me sleeping for three hours, if i'm lucky, before a 12 hour day shift.

sigh. the life of a nurse.


weirdly enough, sleeping around 1 and waking up at 3 in the morning can be productive - which may be a relative and loose term. erm.

- i finally caught up on watching two episodes of antm. morocco, you're officially on the list of places i would like to visit.
- two loads of laundry
- i can finally walk around the room with my eyes closed. the chances of falling flat on my face because of a shopping bag is less likely to happen now. it just shows how much i've been out of control. eek.
- conversation about one particular ER case my friend had to deal with. i am still speechless and horrified. wt.

shopping list want:
- perfume: i rarely wear one yet i want to buy this particular one i tried yesterday
- bag: the softest leather bag. why are you so expensive?
- rain boots: i "need" one.
- more tea: i have decided that my tim hortons affair must end and from now on will bring my own loose leaf tea to brew at work :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

i feel old

Friday: I left work in the middle of my 12 hour shift, at 1 am because of the pain on my left hip. Thankfully, we had an extra nurse who took over my patients. I couldn't really go home because I lost my keys and left my cellphone at J's car which only left me with one other option. I ended up taking a taxi to J's place since I have keys to his place that cost me $60. Erm.

Saturday: I called in sick knowing that I would be useless if I come with a limp. I slathered ointment on me every few hours to alleviate the pain with a dose of Advil for comfort. J was my slave for the day too for sleeping instead of picking me up. He said it was the most expensive sleep he's ever had. :S

Sunday: I still felt pain but since I have a student who needed to start, I convinced myself it would be okay. I think I restrained my hip - if that is possible because it's not as bad anymore. Who knew lifting heavy people has its benefits? :S


It seems like I've been shopping almost every week. Erm.

My credit card bills are starting to scare me especially after booking our trip to Disney. I rarely carry any debt montly because I have a strict policy on only buying things I can afford. Hopefully it doesn't mean that I would have to take money out of my savings account. :(

I'm excited for our vacation though. It would be nice to feel like a kid again - minus the fact that my credit card will definitely be abused during those days.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

meet my new friend

I can be spontaneous - sometimes.

I can be impulsive - almost all the time.

I was so excited, we used up the film within 3 hours.

I then couldn't wait to see the result that I went to the nearest mall to have my film developed only to come home disappointed. What do you mean you send it somewhere else?? What do you mean you don't have an hour to develop service anymore? Sigh. This only makes me want to buy a polaroid camera next.

The ever growing list. :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

and then a zombie was born

It's been months since I've done two weeks of night shift. Since my coworker doesn't need to be on permanent nights starting this week, we won't be switching shifts anymore.


It was good while it lasted.

I wasn't able to sleep during my break except for the 15 minutes I put my head down just to rest my eyes. Unfortunately, my mind and body would only allow me to sleep after I get home for 3 consecutive hours and then it becomes sleep-for-10-wake-up-sleep-for-10 cycle which can be more tiring.

Such is the life of a nurse.

Oh, by the way, it's Nurses Week. :)


I booked our trip to Disney for June. There's finally something to look forward to again!

Did I mention it would be my third time to this magical world? :D

It's good to feel like a kid every now and then. The adult world can be frustrating and challenging as it is rewarding.

Friday, May 6, 2011


Random generator:

- Does spring really have to mean rainy days almost every day? The weather forecast seems to be: rain-cloudy-sunshine-rain-rain etc.
- I was designated as the coordinator for a co-worker's bridal shower/dinner. Since the dollar store was more of an effort to find in downtown, I opted to go to an adult store for a fake bridal veil. It was interesting for a lack of a better word. :S
- It seems like I'm experiencing randomly localized sharp pain on my head more often than usual. It doesn't help that I work on a neuro unit which leads me to become more paranoid for what the possibilities could be.
- I have a student to follow me around for three months again. This means that I have to think twice before I give away shifts or ask for vacation. The good thing is that I cannot be in-charge for a while.

The cherry blossoms will be out this weekend! I hope it doesn't rain. :(

I had a dream that the scale said I'm 120 lbs. :D

In reality, a skirt I bought last year does not fit me anymore. Hmp.
Pro: possibly gaining weight
Con: buying new clothes