Saturday, May 21, 2011

early morning babble

the aftermath of night shifting is insomnia.

insomnia serves me well when i have to work nights because i can last the twelve hour shift without some sort of nap/break. unfortunately, it carries over for a few days which will leave me sleeping for three hours, if i'm lucky, before a 12 hour day shift.

sigh. the life of a nurse.


weirdly enough, sleeping around 1 and waking up at 3 in the morning can be productive - which may be a relative and loose term. erm.

- i finally caught up on watching two episodes of antm. morocco, you're officially on the list of places i would like to visit.
- two loads of laundry
- i can finally walk around the room with my eyes closed. the chances of falling flat on my face because of a shopping bag is less likely to happen now. it just shows how much i've been out of control. eek.
- conversation about one particular ER case my friend had to deal with. i am still speechless and horrified. wt.

shopping list want:
- perfume: i rarely wear one yet i want to buy this particular one i tried yesterday
- bag: the softest leather bag. why are you so expensive?
- rain boots: i "need" one.
- more tea: i have decided that my tim hortons affair must end and from now on will bring my own loose leaf tea to brew at work :)

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