Tuesday, August 24, 2010

good samaritans?

It baffles me everytime a patient eats half of whatever they bought and proceeds to offer me the leftover. Case in point, someone said "oh can you bring this to the nursing station in case they want the rest" while handing me a half cup of vegetables and dip. Erm.

And then even more bizarre is when the same thing happened to me outside the hospital. Wt.

I was looking at a table full of books for sale when a business man came up to me and asked, "would you like to have a grand [insert fancy Starbucks coffee]?" while extending the said cup. Erm. I politely declined and said I don't drink coffee.

Is it me or is it weird to offer strangers food whether it's half eaten or not?

Apparently if I help someone on a plane as a nurse, I am not covered under the Good Samaritan's law. Basically, if something happens and that said person who needed help sues me, it can actually happen. Erm.

Goal update: my arms are sore and I had to take a break from exercising (only one day!!)

Monday, August 23, 2010

today is the day


I am highly motivated (again) and convinced that my plans will actually work (I hope) this time around. Afterall, it doesn't hurt to be positive.

So far, my plans include:
- at least 30 mins with the Wii Fit
- 20-40 reps with the dumbbell
- buy some sort of protein shake and/or meal supplement
- grocery shop for snacks I can/will actually eat
- take vitamins everyday

I really hope that I see results sooner rather than later. I have a tendency to lose interest when I don't see change right away. I may not be able to do everything EVERY single day because of work/laziness/downtime but I will try to stick to it as long as I can. :D

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

come away with me

After being away from work for two weeks, my co-workers said I look well rested and different. It must be the tan I got from staying under the sun, despite of the fact that I tried my best to walk under the shade.

Of course, they also said, "just wait after a few days at work and everything will be back". Erm.

Surprisingly, I did feel the difference. I wasn't as stressed even though my patients were keeping me on my feet for most of the day and with explaining, re-explaining and doing it all over again in a span of five minutes.

Hopefully, it takes more than two shifts to reverse the effects of a good vacation!

The difference between J and I:

- I turned away when J felt sick in the car and threw up on a paper bag. This is one of my weaknesses, I can't stand hearing someone gag/vomit or see them doing so (so much for being a nurse!). Meanwhile, when it happened to me and I was staring at the toilet because I felt sick to my stomach (literally), he wanted to hold my hair up. Erm.

- I will not pay for first class seats for a 1.5 hour flight while he was ready to swipe his card without hesitation.

- He overpacks while I try to justify every piece of clothing I place in my luggage. In the end, he was smarter since I didn't have anything decent to wear on our last day of the trip

- I am not a fan of roller coasters! I unknowingly agreed to go on a ride that I didn't think would be one and throughout the ride, I was swearing in my head because I couldn't even scream. J on the other hand was laughing and enjoying every minute of it. The picture they take as souvenir said it all, I looked like I was about to have a heart attack.

After a brief two weeks vacation, I am now back to reality. It really isn't so bad. I need the everyday life to enjoy the special things along the way. :D