Monday, September 28, 2009

waiting to go to work

*phone rings*

It's my dad. He left almost 2 hours early for his appointment to be seen by a specialist. I figured he was calling to ask me about directions because his appointment is located at my hospital. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. He was just calling me to let me know that his appointment was not this year, but next year. :S Erm.

This is the reality of wait times in our health care system. I can't complain because afterall I am part of the system. Sigh.

I've been looking at images from the disaster that struck Philippines and its very disheartening. Everything is covered in mud and flood water. Sigh. How do you start over? I keep asking myself that question as I watch the struggle to thread the muddy water with backpacks over their head.

The amazing thing is that this is another example of how resilient and naturally happy Filipinos are. As the camera pans over them, they wave with a big smile on their faces. Even the kids, as unsanitary as it is, found entertainment by racing each other as they swam from one end to another. Then there's that one person interviewed who was even brave and hopeful enough to say that with hard work, they can get their things back. She was just happy that her family was safe.

I hope in due time the rescue team reach everyone that needs them.

Is it time to countdown to Christmas yet?

Monday, September 21, 2009

end of the sunny streak

Wedding Pressure #33:

Kay haba haba man ng prusisyon
Sa kasalan din ang hantong

*pardon my spelling and whether or not it makes sense :S

When will it end?
Keep reading. :S

I realized last night that I'm not ready to get married. As peeved as I am that it seems like that's the only thing that preoccupies people's mind lately, it doesn't seem like I'm all for it. I can't see myself cooking for someone, let alone waking up beside someone almost every night. Almost, because I have night shifts. Erm. It's also inconceivable at this point that I have to ask for permission or at least let him know what I'm buying and how much I'm spending. Sigh. Another thing that preoccupies my mind is I don't like cleaning other people's mess. I sometimes forget to pick up after myself as it is.

But with all that, I do like watching TV while sharing a cup full of ice cream with someone. It's not that bad either when winter comes and even the heaviest down blanket fail to keep my fat-deprieved body of heat. Body heat is the way to go. Isn't it how they do it when someone's about to suffer from hypothermia? Erm.

Thinking out loud.
I am contemplating about finding another salon and getting a much needed haircut. I would love to try another hairstyle as suggested by J but I can't until my coworker changes her. It's kind of funny to copy her hairstyle when it took more than a year for some of our coworkers to stop calling us each other's name. Just because we're Asians doesn't mean we all look the same! Erm. Although we do like to play tricks on them sometimes. :S

I had something else to say but now it's gone.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

longer than long

J hates it when I tease him about other girls. I'm a very jealous girlfriend, and that's something I'm willing to admit, but I am not THAT girl either. You know, the crazy stalker and spying type. Erm.

Yesterday, I joked about wanting to have his passwords to everything. He laughed and said if I give mine then he would gladly hand over his. But you see, I don't share passwords just like I won't say yes to combined profiles. Erm. I was telling him that he used to let me type it in during the earlier times of our relationship and now it seems like he's hiding something. So far, operation guilt hasn't worked yet.

I won't really access his accounts though, since I do believe that everyone needs to maintain their privacy. *dun dun dun*
The randomness of it all:

- Zipline was fun and scary. I am slightly afraid of heights and the beating of my heart was enough proof. I would have went through with my eyes closed but I would have missed the signals our guide give. On another note, I didn't reach the required weight to reach the end of the longest line, therefore had to rescue myself. Good times!
- Hungry passenger on a long drive (a.k.a. me) is not a good thing.
- I don't like US dollars. I hate having to check and recheck how much I have because they all have the same colour.
- I want to live close to the waterfront. Why must downtown condos have to be expensive?? Hmp.
- I think I swallowed a bug.
- I bought my very first astronaut space food. Even more amazing is that it's an ice cream sandwich. I haven't tried it yet because technically it's my only pasalubong to J.
- The first day of work after a mini-vacation is always eventful.