Monday, February 23, 2009

february is not my month

February is splash month.

Case #1: I was supervising a student change a patient's dressing when she inadvertently put too much pressure on the syringe that caused water to splash in my face as it bounced off a wound. Let's all say it now, ewww... gross.

Case #2: I was giving a patient extra water in his tube ( that goes straight to his stomach) when I didn't realize that I had close the port which resulted in water splashing on my eye/face. The good thing - I was wearing a mask. The bad thing - he's been having some sort of diarrhea.


I have been tested for HIV and Hep A/B because of the first one and I'm not about to be poked again for the second. :$

Who knew that in less than two years of working I would have to file 3 incident reports (the other one was for hurting my back)?

I'm just hoping and wishing that I will never have to file for a needle-stick injury. Eek. The horror.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

work is work is work

I am a couch potato at home during my days off because when I work, I work. Simple as that. :S

For two nights now, I have been in and out of patients' rooms endlessly - no time for breaktime nap and certainly no time for sitting around. I don't even know how we manage to let out a smile after the nights that we've had recently.

Last night, I was on break but I kept hearing footsteps outside the room I was and then the cart which meant something serious is going on. I tried to drown the sounds by listening to music but even that couldn't stop my racing thoughts. I ended up cutting my break since I couldn't sleep anyway and relieved my coworkers for their own break instead.

One more night and I surely hope we survive this one. The third night is definitely a killer. A sore back and sleepless days/nights isn't helping either. Sigh.

Someone said, "you guys should think of another type of work while you're still young".

I say, "I think I'm stuck". :S

Anyway, time to catch a snooze. I'll have to sleep the day away and wake up just in time for a shower and start the night all over again.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

drama alert

There is something seriously wrong with me - emotionally that is. :S

I need to have a dose of something-that-cures-instability STAT! Yes, that's a work term on a day off. Another sure sign that I have gone crazy.

Needless to say, Valentine's day didn't go as well as planned and anniversary started on a not-so-good term thanks to a tantrum fit that took control of me. I am hopeless. Ugh.

The details will remain vague as I myself am embarrass for my actions. Whoever can tolerate me during these days must have taken a few crazy pills themselves. But on the other hand, the same person who tolerates me is also the cause of me needing another set of pills. Hahaha. Confusing much? :$

Anyway, I hope no one noticed (very unlikely).

And as punishment for this, I did not get what I really wanted - a slow dance.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

gloomy as it gets

It's a sad day today as the forecast points to gray skies and rain for the whole day. Sigh. If I could stay under my warm blanket without falling asleep, that's what I would do. Instead, I woke up early to start the day with loads of laundry and to have three meals for the day, not including snacks. Afterall, I still need to regain the weight I lost last weekend. Hmp.

While waiting for one load of laundry to finish, the TV remote is at my command. All I hear about in the news is recession, recession and more recession. It's concerning to hear about lay-offs, welfare strain and bailout plans. At work, we've had meetings about the hospital's budget and how it will affect us in the present and in the future. If I may say so, it's hard to be optimistic in a time like this but what else is there to do?

As the Bible say, "so do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring worries of it's own. Today's trouble is enough for today". :D



I'm slowly getting ready for June. I bought some summer clothes and accessories so it won't make a dent on my savings. I have yet to buy pasalubong for my cousins/relatives but I already have some idea on what I can get. I'm just being a smart shopper. :D

Thursday, February 5, 2009

keep me busy, keep me addicted

And this is what's stuck in my head

Sa yakap mo, ang tuwa’y walang hanggan
Sa piling mo hindi na masasaktan
Ngunit kung ang puso mo’y malayo na
Tatanggapin ko na parang parusa ka
Mamahalin kita kahit magdusa pa….
- Kahit Magdusa Pa
I haven't seen the show for a few weeks, until today, because of work and my dwindling attention span but everytime my sister's here, I hear it in the background and it plays over and over again. It's just too catchy and dramatic to ignore. :S
She has been watching the show almost religiously when she's not at work or working the evening shift. The only problem is that she's often forced to tear herself away from the TV so as not to be late. This is the reason why I am not as TV addicted as I used to be. My schedule permits me to follow something every other week which means if something significant happens, I would be lost. It's very frustrating you know. Errr. :S I am destined to watch reruns and sitcoms that are meant to be watch independent of each other.
I learned something new from the Food channel: If you slice a grape and heat it in the microwave, it will create a spark/small fire inside. :D Don't try this at home! (very tempting though...too bad/luckily we don't have grapes at the moment)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

how to respond #1

When someone tells you: No offense, but you look very tired.

polite way: Oh, do I? *laughs* Oh no, no I'm not at all. *smiles*
angry way: If you would stop calling me for every stupid little thing that can wait, I wouldn't be. Geez!
matter-of-fact way: I worked 12 hrs for the past two days and I only slept for a total of 10 hours, you do the math.
self-pity/low self-esteem way: I really wish I had time to fix myself up every morning. I just need a blush or a lip balm. *faint smile*
matter-of-fact way: Yes I am. *continues to do whatever*


I am a whiner but sometimes I am tempted to tell someone who continues day and night to whine about EVERY little thing there is, is SUCK IT UP! Errr. I understand that work is stressful and there are a million reasons to hate but what about those that are currently unemployed? It's okay to vent but to start of the day with a complaint and carry it through for the whole freakin day?!! Sigh.

Monday, February 2, 2009

how do you love?

This song was once again stuck in my head after another day of being in a hunger state while suffering from this self-diagnosed horrible "stomach flu". Ugh. I'm happy to say that I've been spared of the usual over-rated Valentine's day extravaganza at the mall though. It's been quite a relief that I'm not bombarded with hearts floating everywhere and red cutesy things because otherwise, the hopeless romantic in me would have given in and bought random things (although it's not too late yet...hahaha).

In saying that, I'm not completely free of Valentine's day craze as our anniversary is also on the same week. Fortunately for me, who needs to go to the mall when I have my trusty laptop with me? Hopefully I won't really regret my impulse buying reflex. Hehe.

Anyway, back to the point.

I was just thinking what does it take to love someone? We had a conversation about this before. He said its easy to say "I love you" but its the action that really matters. Next to that is the actual commitment. I asked, "what if you meet someone else?". He thought about it for a moment and said that although there might be that chance, he is committed to keep what we have. Sigh. I guess it's all part of it right? Commitment, actions and words. Hmmm.

I kinda lost my train of thought.

Penny for your thought? :S

I just know that it is enough that I want to kiss him even while he's sleeping, call him even when I know there won't be any answer and I'm more than happy to somewhat revolve my world around him. Even though I am pretty emotionally unstable when he makes me mad, that's another story for another day. Hahaha.

Pardon the mushiness. I swear Valentine's day extravaganza did not get me. Errr.