Saturday, June 28, 2008

I'm a Barbie girl

Someone has been suggesting what type of clothes I should and should not wear. It can be seen as sweet and at times controlling. Sweet when the reason for it is, "because I'm not with you" when I want to wear a skirt and frolic around town by myself. Yes, you have to frolic when wearing a skirt. Err. But then, there is also controlling when he says "are you going to wear a jacket with that? when a certain amount of skin is exposed when I see his family. As if I don't have good judgement as what can be worn around family members. *rolls eyes*.

I wonder if I give him the privilege (haha) to choose whatever he wants me to wear everytime I go out without him, what would he pick? Ack. Long sleeves and pants on a summer day? :S

And just to rub it in that I don't follow everything he says, I gently remind him: You don't know what I wore to Cuba and Phillipines.


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

because you were busy

The weather is driving me crazy. Literally. It's extremely hot during the day and by afternoon, there's an abundance of thunder and lightning followed by hours of rain. It's annoying. When will it be the real summer?! Sigh.


Work has been eventful. I received a compliment from a hard-to-please senior nurse about how I handled a very stressful moment. Who knew that I have some composure amidsts talking to different doctors and an ICU nurse? Ack. Even I was surprised about how I acted. Sure I ended up walking away from a doctor due to my frustration about his actions, or lack of it, but that's beside the point. As long as I did my part and told him everything he needed to know. Yes, I am beaming with pride. It feels nice to be recognized, especially by that nurse. Haha. :D


My sister finally graduated and she is going to be a Mental Health RN. How crazy is that? Errr. It will be emotionally and mentally challenging as she will have to deal with a whole different type of situations than what I am accustomed to in my unit but I think she's perfect for it. She has a strong personality which I think will fit her position well.


More to say but my brain cells are currently not in order. They decided to give up on me after a stressful day at work. Yesterday just proved once again that there really are things too good to be true. :(

Thursday, June 12, 2008

the chair

After almost a year of refusing to go to the dentist for not having insurance, I am now back as a regular customer thanks to my newly approved card to "free" dental care. They love me again as I now have numerous appointments for cleaning, filling and whatnots.

Today was a (re)filling of my silver tooth courtesy of eating sweets when I was a kid. Back then, they didn't have those fancy on-the-spot x-rays or even this laser-like source of heat to dry the filling in a matter of seconds. Technology really is mind boggling at times. The things people invent to make life easier and more expensive.

I had my mouth open for almost 40 minutes today. Five of those was with a latex type of material spread across my mouth, a couple of metal to keep it in place and a mouthful of saliva threatening to drown me. In my head I was screaming to be suctioned but they left me "for just a few minutes" to attend to another customer. Errr. I still manage a nod and a smirk when they came back and apologized though. Politeness will be the end of me one day. After an ample dose of anaesthesia injected on my gums, I experienced a short lived tachycardia. Do I have some sort of fear towards needles? :S Impossible. I have given hundreds of needles and been poked enough times (while watching) every time I have a blood test to prove otherwise. Funny how a needle in my gums is different. Hmmm.

In one or two weeks from now, I'll be back once more for two more (re)fillings and conversations about how satisfied and fulfilled they are with my gums. Sigh.


I want some halo halo with some sort of fancy name like "supreme halo halo". Err. That's the best name I could think of. Scoops of ice cream, ube and a slice of leche flan. Yummm. I miss Philippines.

But since I'm thousand miles away and need hundreds of dollars to fly there, I will settle for Selecta's Ube ice cream. And when that is done (two more days), watermelon will be the only thing to make me happy.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

friends and the city

Since sex would unlikely be discussed here, I figured I should talk about something else.

After watching the movie, I began to wonder if I have friends who knows (almost) everything about me. The kind of friends who will run in their fancy shoes (or not) even if its snowing just to save me from loneliness. Friends who would know when to leave me alone and when to slap me silly to wake me from my stupidity.

There are times that I go through scenarios in my head about different circumstances and which of them will I share the good/bad news. Will I have the same ones when I'm 40? 50? Ack.

I only talk to three people on a daily basis. What does that say about me?


I almost wanna sing the Garfield theme song.

Ladies and Gentleman, Garfield & Friends.
Friends Are There To Help You Get Started,
To Give You A Push On Your Way. Friends Are There To Turn You Around, Get Your Feet On The Ground For A Brand New Day
They'll Pick You Up When You're Down
Help You Swallow Your Pride When Something Inside's Got To Break On Through To The Other Side
Friends Are Someone You Can Open Up To
When You Feel Like You're Ready To Flip
When You Got The World On Your Shoulders,
Friends Are There To Give You A Tip
Friends Are There When You Need Them, They're Even There When You Don't
For A Walk In The Park, For A Shot In The Dark
Friends Are There. Garfield: "I Don't Care"
But Friends Will Care For You-u-u-u-u-u-u!
Lyrics from this page

Monday, June 2, 2008

sunshine lollipop

The budget police strikes again. I am once again constricted to this-is-what-I-can-spend-for-this-month thought. I wish it wasn't so because summer is back and it would be next to impossible to have some sort of restraint on my expenses. Err.

One good and valid reason, if I may say so, is that the weekend I am off is the only decent "going out" time I actually get. Although it doesn't excuse me from frivolous spending, it is merely the result of all those days spent at my house looking out the window hoping someone would ask me to come out and play. That is a rare occasion as everyone is working.

This budget police, which also acts as my personal money calculator of the future, once reasoned that if I work hard then, and only then, can I play hard. The audacity of that statement can only be said by someone who doesn't know what I actually do at work. I wish we have those "bring a friend to work day". If by then he still thinks that my work is anything but "working hard", will I surrender to picking up more shifts and accepting overtime offers. Hmp.

Anyway, days in front of my trusty laptop has led me to travel sites and various deals that offers to take me to [insert location] for [insert cheap price]. This can only mean endless days of daydreaming and wishing someone can come with me and a better salary (so the budget police wouldn't mind) to fund my need to travel. Sigh.

But since that won't be happening any time soon, I will be (kind of) contented to do as I please every time I have a day off. Today will be spent watching the over-hyped Sex and the City while munching on popcorn that I will probably get sick of after a few handful. Tomorrow will be dedicated to shopping for a dress and shoes to wear to a wedding and possibly a graduation gift for my sister.

Hello Summer.