Tuesday, December 29, 2009

happy new year!

Another year gone by and it's like a blur. I'm excited for what will happen next because as much as I love planning, nearly half of what I plan never goes through. I guess that's the point. Erm.

I wish I could do a year-end post with more meaning but words escape me at the moment.

J is coming home soon and I made him promise to not leave me for this long again. Long distance has never been my cup of tea and I have a feeling I won't be good at it either. He was hoping I could be there to welcome him and possibly be there when he turns a year older but I'm working. Sigh.

Now if only someone would take my shift (any excuse to not work is fine by me).

I probably shouldn't do that though since my credit cards have suffered this month.

In-charge + night shift premium + weekend premium = better pay

The only problem is when you account the stress it puts me everytime I'm in-charge, it's still not worth the money. Hmp. At least I'm not hospital in-charge like my friend. Now that's a whole new level I won't be participating in. :S


Happy New Year!!
Another year of blogging/venting ;)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

tis the season to be jolly

The safe party was just last night. A doctor joked that hopefully the next day, no one will remember what happened - if something does occur. Erm.

Of course, I'm always wary with work parties since these are the people you mostly try to be on your best behaviour and hopefully get some sort of a respectful relationship going. Unfortunately, there's an open bar to make up for an expensive fee you paid for to attend the party too.

No, I didn't drink too much -one glass of wine and a few glasses of a mixture I don't know the name of.

The only thing I have to worry about now is the dreaded uploading of pictures from whoever had their camera on hand to "document" the entire night. I don't think I did anything crazy. dun dun dun
New record: no phone call for 5 days; no text from him (2 from me); and a few one-liner message in facebook
I want to watch Avatar and Sherlock Holmes.
Would you get jealous if you see your boyfriend/girlfriend dance with everyone on the dance floor?

It's almost Christmas and I am not done my shopping and it doesn't seem like I'm ready for the inevitable what-did-I-learn-this-year reflection. Sigh.

My mind is playing tricks on me. I know it.

Friday, December 11, 2009

all i want for christmas

I guess it will be a white Christmas afterall.

Fortunately, I have a warmer winter jacket to use this time around.

It's not totally weird to stay in a hotel alone is it? Erm. Whether the answer is a yes or no, I guess it really won't change the fact that I will be staying in one next week. Hotels to me are fascinating and a mini vacation in itself. I remember the first one I've been to in Philippines when my aunt decided to bring me along before her family left for US. I thought it was the best thing that could have happened to me at that time. Nowadays, it's not a big deal to stay in hotels especially because of various promotions and sales but it still excites me nonetheless.

Last week I was surprised with "you're in charge again for two days" intro as I walked in late for work. Normally, in-charge nurses come in at 7 am to get and give report to doctors and other nurses. Sigh. First day, I survived and the second day was a disaster.

I hope I get better at this. But better yet, I hope I don't need to be in-charge day or night anytime soon again.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


I did the unthinkable.


I have NEVER done it before and before I knew it, I did it.


Must. NEVER. do. it. again.


the end.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

there she goes

After much deliberation and procrastination, I left home with the conviction that Christmas shopping needs to be started if not done. Four hours later, I spent hundreds of dollars half belonging to me and the rest for interchangeable gifts. I am, afterall, easily distracted.

I wore heels partly for this reason - I need some sort of limit. Pain is a reminder that much time has been spent which in turn translate to money. Erm.

Unfortunately, I didn't get what I really needed - winter boots, warmer jacket and a dress


It seems like I have no one to talk to lately. I miss that. I miss J. *mushy* Outside the confines of the hospital walls, he's really the only one I can talk to about my coworkers and my stressful day at work. So far, our minute conversations every other day consists of bad signal and random musings about where he is going.

Before he left, he stashed his cologne in my bag. He remembered that I requested it for when he left for Japan. I'm still a sucker for small gestures.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

hello december

I finally put up the Christmas tree complete with lights and newly bought ornaments. I volunteered to get new ones since I'm not really keen on repeating last year's silver and blue theme, which incidentally was my idea too. After all that effort, my dad said "akala ko ba mamahalin bibilin mo, eh pareho lang". Sigh. Sometimes, you really can't win. Anyway, this year's colour scheme is purple and gold. I might end up buying more ornaments just to make it different but it will all depend on my budget. Erm.

It's day two of J's month long trip and he has called me more times than when he is here in a day. Erm. Someone's gonna pay a hefty phone bill. I've been convincing him to just borrow an old cellphone from his cousin and buy a sim card but so far he's being stubborn.

I bought three DS games to make myself busy this December (1) racing game (2) mystery-that-needs-to-be-solved-with-too-much-talking game and (3) i-can-be-a-surgeon-too game. So far, I'm failing in all three. Erm.

For 5 nights, I was the in-charge and on one of those nights I almost cried. On the upside, I know now not to bug the in-charge with mundane details.