Monday, November 24, 2008

meet the parents and random musings

It really should say how my parents and his parents met. But that's too long.

We've been going out for close to two years and who knew it was time for them meet? Errr. Don't some parents meet after a proposal or at least when it's been too long to even count the years? Again, Errr. But anyway, an invitation was extended and accepted. Fortunately, it went well and if I may say so, better than my dreams led me to fear.

Anyway, they danced, laughed and ate. What else could I/we ask for? :D

It seems like I've picked up a few habits that I would like to get rid of. I can't stop saying "oh gosh" to situations I have nothing else to say to. Patients would tell me about their history in terms of how many surgeries they've had and all I could say was "oh gosh". How annoying is that?
Then there's huh? which I somehow got from my nephew. I only use it with J and it takes him a little while before he realizes I'm just teasing (at least after the third time of repeating).
And lastly, I've been saying ta-da! I'm just a sucker for kiddy sayings.
I've been needy and somewhat demanding lately (hahaha. I'm sure someone would disagree). After another no-battery excuse for why his cellphone was off, I decided that the best way to teach him a lesson was to turn off mine too. Sadly, it doesn't work as I still have a house phone he can try to call which my parents would gladly answer. After thinking about it, I childishly said that the next time I am out with friends or coworkers, my phone will be off too. The only way this would work though is if I actually go out. :S
My swiping the card habit is hurting me. I'm in denial as to how much I've spent during this month and how much I actually made. Sigh.

Monday, November 17, 2008

look what i can do

Apparently, I can now be a housewife. *gasp*

Things to do when moving out:
  • the main thing is make a list, get the stuff, swipe the card, carry them and then sort
  • wash tons of dishes, pots, pans
  • clean the entire place, not once, not twice but more than three times (esp if the person living there *cough-him-cough* is a semi-germaphobe
  • set up a huge walk-in closet (that I wish I have instead) and sort out clothes by purpose and some by colour (I like coordinating them)
  • spend a lot of time calculating how much a bedsheet cost and imagining how it would feel like lying on it (microfibre? 200 count sheets? t-shirt like fabric?)
  • buy a lot of cleaning supplies (see above reason)
  • carry what seems to be boxes and boxes of stuff I would like to throw out if it were my things
  • go to Bestbuy/Futureshop and stare at TVs to compare their sizes, prices and quality
  • be tempted buying food at the grocery store that he probably won't cook, eat or like (I'm a sucker for let's try this!)
  • become a regular Ikea customer by going there at least 10 times in two weeks
  • make the furniture (and because I am bad at following instructions by the picture, ask for help for simple things)


My parents (mainly my dad) brought to my attention that I have been spending too much time with J. If I was gonna be a smartass, I could have said that what better way to find out if you can actually stand spending the rest of your life with someone is by being with him a lot. Fortunately, I'm not and that kind of talk would only result in more lectures and sour faces anyway. :S

But isn't it true though? I mean if you only managed to spend maybe 10 hours with that person, how would you know that they turn in to a pumpkin after the 12th hour? Errr. My attention span is slowly leading me away from my point. :S

Anyway, I've found out things about him that sometimes I tell him would be hard to live with (ie snoring! I'm a light sleeper). And I'm sure he knows more things about me too (ie. that I get really cranky when hungry). We're not moving in or anything but what's the harm of spending time together?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

one down

After watching several Filipino shows (since I am partly paying for that channel, errr), I can't help but have their everyday Christmas countdown floating in my head too. I think today they said 42 more days to go. Ack!

Fortunately, I'm not working this Christmas even though I still have a shift on the 24th. It means I'll be staying behind with my dad and brother before we head to the hotel for what could be a Christmas tradition. I'm excited!


Yesterday, I crossed one person off my list to buy a Christmas/birthday present for. Since I'm a big fan of electronics, I bought him an entertainment system. I'm not sure whether the gift was for him or for the couch potato in me. :S I have a feeling that Saturday dates will be in front of that TV watching the Discovery Channel or a rented movie (since we haven't been to the theaters for months!). But I am a sucker for having something to open so he will most likely receive a T-shirt from me too. :S

I hope I don't have to interview another actor next week so I can be a better nurse. I freeze when there's people watching while I pretend to be interested in a fabricated problem. :S *time out*

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

november blues

It's been a year since my uncle passed away. Another candle lit in remembrance to those we have lost during All Soul's Day crowded the small table we have delegated for that purpose. It's even hard to ignore that there's a lot of candles this time. Three uncles gone within a year. Sigh.