Thursday, April 28, 2011

im 27 now, i think

I don't know when I stopped keeping track of my age. Almost every single time it comes up, I usually have to take a moment to think. Un/fortunately, I'm not the only one confused because my parents forgot to greet me on my birthday too. Erm.


I actually feel older.


Retail therapy is stressing me. I have been buying random things when I go to the mall. I was going to buy a gift for someone else and left with shoes for myself instead. I intended to buy a dress for a wedding I will be attending and ended up getting a white dress that I would not dare wear to someone else's wedding. Erm.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

the sun will come out

I need a pick-me-upper. ----------------------------- I miss the library. I spent a good portion of my highschool lunch breaks in a cubicle eating my sandwich and finishing homework because I'm not a social butterfly. I think I developed the eye on the back of my head during those days to make sure the librarian doesn't catch me shoving food down my throat. Erm. University days weren't much of a difference. This time it wasn't because I didn't feel like talking to people, it was more of a necessity. My friends and I would book a room and review pages and pages of material only to bail out an hour early to window shop. Even weekends were not spared. The closest I get to that library feel nowadays would be at book stores. Browsing and not buying because I already made a mental note to download the book instead. Maybe one of these days. -------------------- Happy thoughts: - cherry blossom season is approaching! (I hope I didn't/don't miss it) - birthday week is approaching - two weeks off work (balanced by two weeks of being the charge nurse - a little bittersweet)