Thursday, October 25, 2007

too much of something

* beep beep beep *

The annoying sound came from the carbon monoxide alarm plugged beside my bed. It was nothing new hence the lack of panic as I asked my dad to check it for me. The easiest solution was to open the windows and eventually unplug the alarm. It wasn't the smartest choice since we would have suffocated if there really was carbon monoxide but nowhere else in the house had the same problem. So off we both went upstairs while I suffered listening to my dad's theory as to why the alarm went off. He was convinced it's the pile of dirty clothes and the messy room that must have done it. His theory was that it emitted some sort of smell that could have triggered the alarm. Sigh.

Eventually, sleep wanted to take over my body. I closed the windows, or at least I thought I did. Fresh, cool air circulated the room which I did not mind. A few minutes later and I still felt cold. I convinced myself that I just needed to put more clothes and tucked myself under a layer of a blanket and comforter. I woke up every now because of the cold but I ignored it and blamed it on the heater that wasn't doing it's job well.

The next morning, what did I discover?

The window just above my bed was open. Who would have thought? Well, a less forgetful person for one.

It's one of those sayings, too much of something can't be always good. Fresh air, yeah... it was something I needed. It was just unfortunated that in the long run, it harmed me more than the good it did.

Tonight, I'll check my windows again. I don't want to suffer another cold night.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

hello pimple

After nine hours of sleep, I woke up feeling crappy. Sleeping in is definitely a treat and a necessity after a few days of hard work or even after a day of leisure but it eventually leads to laziness and crankiness.

I finally convinced myself to leave my comfy bed and eat something to satisfy my empty stomach. I went to the washroom to brush my teeth and looked at myself in the mirror and thought to myself, "I'm not ugly". I don't think I'm being vain or experiencing some sort of ego-boosting-moment but merely a realization that I like myself.

I have a huge pimple on my left cheek taunting me every time I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror. And of course who could forget a few other imperfections that I care not to list as I've become accustomed to the fact that smooth skin has long been gone thanks to puberty. At that moment, I didn't care about those.

Anyway, before I get caught up in this whole thing... the point is that even if I didn't take a shower yet, no make-up to hide my blemishes, wearing a simple green top and messy hair, I still liked what I saw. :D

I'm just following what the priest suggested,start the morning with a I-am-beautiful mantra.

- end of moment -

Saturday, October 13, 2007

the beginning

My orientation period finally ended and for the first time, I was responsible for 5 patients (full load is 6 at night). At the beginning of the shift, I kept praying for strength, guidance and help. I also gave myself a prep talk before leaving the locker room that things will be fine and that I am more than ready for this.

The charge nurse was kind enough to start me off with not-so complicated patients. Sure, they were enough to keep me busy but knowing the other type of patients we have on the floor, I was more than happy for the ones I got.

At night, the routine is usually: vital signs, bedtime medications, in-and-out a.k.a. "i'll have to empty your bladder now by inserting this tube blah blah blah", charting/documentation, rounds (changing everyone's incontinent pad and turning them to a different side), answering call bells, breaktime, medications, 2nd in-and-out and vital signs, reporting to the day shift nurse, charting/documentation.

I actually thought I was going to finish on time but things got hectic in the morning and before I know it, I left an hour later than everyone else. Sigh. Monday will be another challenge because I'll be on days and it's crazier. I need to learn time management because if I don't, goodbye break time, hello losing weight. Eek!

Picture moment:

Im still debating whether to purchase and splurge on a fancy digicam. I already have a good point-and-shoot and it's not like I'll be going anywhere special or taking pictures of anything other than family members/friends/etc to need a certain type of camera. But... I want one. Haha. I've been looking around for great deals and consulting a couple of people. For the meantime, I'm happy with what I have:

Monday, October 8, 2007


It's Thanksgiving a.k.a. Turkey Day today. Thankfully, I'm not working and missing out on another family gathering. Sure it would have been great if I had extra money to put in my bank account but that's another whine for another day. Besides, three days of consecutive 12-hour shifts were long enough to drain my energy. Anyway...yes, Thanksgiving.

Dinner today will be at my house. Whether we will have turkey or not will be left to those who will be willing to eat it for at least a week: turkey sandwich, soup with turkey, fried turkey etc. Yeah, the many faces of leftover dinner. But of course I'm very thankful we have food on our table. :P

Things to be thankful of: warm weather today / meaningful songs / 9 more minutes of sleep courtesy of snooze option / smoothies / sodium bicarb (long story) / late night phone calls / paid day-off / detergent smell / sales / everyday


After my Saturday shift, my friend invited me to drop by her house because it was her daughter's birthday. I was a bit hesitant because of work the next day but decided it's not everyday I see her anyway. We ended up watching Pacquiao's fight there with a bunch of excited guys who ooohhh-ed and ahhhh-ed everytime a punch landed on someone's face. I must say that boxing can be both unbearable and exciting.

Of course, Pacman won and all is well in the boxing world again. I didn't know that he's only 28 though. I thought he was at least 30+. Errr. 0_o


I decided to throw out/give away a lot of my old clothes. What's the point of keeping clothes that I haven't worn for a year? Unless they're for special occassion, there really is no excuse for storing them in my tiny dresser for whatever reason. It's kinda funny though because the decision making process of to-keep-or-not-to-keep seems to associate itself with memories too. I keep thinking of when I wore it and a certain moment flashes in my head like a picture.

I almost want to keep some for memories sake or for sentimental reasons but that would be a lame excuse.


Jukebox tune: Walou by Outlandish

Thursday, October 4, 2007

patience is a virtue

There are times that my patience has been drained to the last drop. And yet, I still smile out of politeness and in most cases, out of professionalism. It's a big word that I keep reminding myself of when my head is about to explode and mouth just itching to give someone a piece of my mind.

Someone told me in a matter of fact manner that she can never be a nurse because she doesn't have the patience to deal with people. I didn't respond fearing that the next thing I would blurt out was, "you're draining mine!!!" During these instances, I find time to go to the washroom, look at myself in the mirror, sigh deeply, smile and pray that time will go faster.


It's Thanksgiving long weekend and I'll be working. Good thing though that Monday will give me a break to at least have some time with the family and maybe go for apple picking or just to have dinner.

The holiday wish list, as they call it, was finally displayed early on this week. It basically gives us a choice on which holiday we'd like to have our days off, Christmas or New Year's. I haven't decided yet. Christmas is a family tradition that entails going to the mass before midnight, opening presents early in the morning and eating a lot. New Year on the other hand deserves to be a stress free night because as the saying goes, however you feel during the beginning of the year will reflect on what will happen for the rest of the year. Sigh. Choices, choice.