Thursday, October 25, 2007

too much of something

* beep beep beep *

The annoying sound came from the carbon monoxide alarm plugged beside my bed. It was nothing new hence the lack of panic as I asked my dad to check it for me. The easiest solution was to open the windows and eventually unplug the alarm. It wasn't the smartest choice since we would have suffocated if there really was carbon monoxide but nowhere else in the house had the same problem. So off we both went upstairs while I suffered listening to my dad's theory as to why the alarm went off. He was convinced it's the pile of dirty clothes and the messy room that must have done it. His theory was that it emitted some sort of smell that could have triggered the alarm. Sigh.

Eventually, sleep wanted to take over my body. I closed the windows, or at least I thought I did. Fresh, cool air circulated the room which I did not mind. A few minutes later and I still felt cold. I convinced myself that I just needed to put more clothes and tucked myself under a layer of a blanket and comforter. I woke up every now because of the cold but I ignored it and blamed it on the heater that wasn't doing it's job well.

The next morning, what did I discover?

The window just above my bed was open. Who would have thought? Well, a less forgetful person for one.

It's one of those sayings, too much of something can't be always good. Fresh air, yeah... it was something I needed. It was just unfortunated that in the long run, it harmed me more than the good it did.

Tonight, I'll check my windows again. I don't want to suffer another cold night.

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