Saturday, October 13, 2007

the beginning

My orientation period finally ended and for the first time, I was responsible for 5 patients (full load is 6 at night). At the beginning of the shift, I kept praying for strength, guidance and help. I also gave myself a prep talk before leaving the locker room that things will be fine and that I am more than ready for this.

The charge nurse was kind enough to start me off with not-so complicated patients. Sure, they were enough to keep me busy but knowing the other type of patients we have on the floor, I was more than happy for the ones I got.

At night, the routine is usually: vital signs, bedtime medications, in-and-out a.k.a. "i'll have to empty your bladder now by inserting this tube blah blah blah", charting/documentation, rounds (changing everyone's incontinent pad and turning them to a different side), answering call bells, breaktime, medications, 2nd in-and-out and vital signs, reporting to the day shift nurse, charting/documentation.

I actually thought I was going to finish on time but things got hectic in the morning and before I know it, I left an hour later than everyone else. Sigh. Monday will be another challenge because I'll be on days and it's crazier. I need to learn time management because if I don't, goodbye break time, hello losing weight. Eek!

Picture moment:

Im still debating whether to purchase and splurge on a fancy digicam. I already have a good point-and-shoot and it's not like I'll be going anywhere special or taking pictures of anything other than family members/friends/etc to need a certain type of camera. But... I want one. Haha. I've been looking around for great deals and consulting a couple of people. For the meantime, I'm happy with what I have:


vanya said...

if you really think that you need a new digicam--- go for it! hahaha. pero dSLR nalang para masaya. :P lol. i love the pictures, btw. :)

goodluck with work!

blueskies said...

the difference between "need" and "want" is kinda blurry at the moment. haha.

i've been doing my research about a good dslr kaya natatagalan pa. baka next year na lang sa birthday ko. haha.

salamat! :D