Saturday, January 31, 2009

too much information, i reckon

It's been about three long hours since I woke up from discomfort. I thought that my usual remedy for pain, which is sleep, would be sufficient enough to counter this strange feeling in my stomach but apparently, it's not. I've had to stare at the toilet bowl for three times now and I'm ready to clamp my mouth shut.

If only.

I've often told people at work that I can deal with other bodily fluids except for vomit. There's something about the act of throwing up that makes me want to do it too. Recently, a post-op patient of mine reached for the basin to, well relieve himself much to my dismay. I immediately excused myself because if I stayed longer, I too would have to clean myself. :S

So now, here I am blaming the steamed vegetables my mom cooked for dinner or the sugar-coated banana my sister made for this early morning trips to the washroom. I am using all my will power to get through this morning without having to hold my hair up again and again and again.


Count 1. Count 2. Count 3. Count 4. Count 5. :$

Thursday, January 22, 2009

up until now

I woke up at 7 am just in time to have a glimpse of my sister getting ready for work. I thought of getting up and starting the day early but who does that? It's not like I won't need to get up at 5:30 for the weekend for work anyway. A couple more hours of sleep would be great - until I realized it's almost pass 12. Good job! Another unproductive day gone.

Laundry - still working on it

Then, I had a great idea of researching if there are any workshop/classes for basic photography. I'm sure my DSLR hates to be safely tucked away knowing it can do so much more in the hands of someone else. And guess what, I found one! Now I'll just need someone to come with me even if I have to pay half of their fee. *desperate much?*

This is just like that time I wanted to take Origami classes at some local paper store. Errr.


Did I mention I have a pre-grad Nursing student with me? She follows my schedule and takes responsibility for some of my patients even though my license is still on the line if anything (ack!) unpleasant happens. It does help my workload but it take a little more time to explain the whats-and-whys I'm doing things.

So far it's working out great but instead of just having the nursing hat on all the time at work, I need my teaching hat too. But apparently, I'm moving up the ladder (at least that's what my clinical advisor from second year said). :D


Dear Winter,

Although I love it when the snow hits the ground all sparkly and fluffy, I am not amused at the "extreme cold alert" days we've been having lately. I especially hate driving (or more accurately, being a passenger) when its snowing after that 360-turn we did in the highway due to the slippery road. Ever since that frightful experience I have been adamant of the "No Drifting" rule too. Sigh. It used to be fun.

Anyway, I was wondering how much longer are you planning to stay?

Summer-loving me :)

Friday, January 16, 2009


After two hours of venting, eating Mexican food and two bottles of my chosen poison, I headed home slightly tipsy. My tolerance for alcohol after only five hours of sleep and twelve hours of work is not as high as it used to be. I was surprised that even though I have never gone out with these bunch outside work before, I actually had fun and wouldn't mind the same company again. The topic revolved around amusing experiences at work and our personal lives. It's nice to talk to people who know what you are talking about.

The walk was another story though. The temperature was definitely below freezing and the wind blowing in my face was like a continuous slap. I had a hoodie on and covered my nose with my scarf but I could still feel it. I felt it was getting harder and harder to breathe and walk at the same time. I even imagined that if any drunk person would run after me, I'd give up in a second. After a few blocks there was darkness - a whole block had a blackout. The stoplights were not working and there was a four-way stop between cars and pedestrians. Whether it was stupidity or not, I walked straight without so much as a thought. Thankfully everyone else was in their right mind. :S

Maybe next time I'll take the taxi. It would be unfortunate to finally feel so calm after the stress at work and find that I'm in a hospital bed afterall. :S

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

this is how you do it


He is always late and I'm always waiting. This is how it is and how it will be for the rest of our lives. My parents know it and has told him numerous times about the hours I've wasted waiting for him yet it only works for one day and back to old ways again.

One afternoon, I asked to be left at his place while he ran some errands. I picked Lars and the Real Girl as the movie to pass time instead of cleaning his place. Afterall, what's the point of staying home when I'm forced to do chores? The movie ended and he's still out. I called and he promised to be back within 30 minutes. I was so bored that I washed the dishes and cleaned the kitchen. Still nothing. Hmmm. I decided to teach him a lesson. I hid my boots, grabbed my jacket and bag and turned off all the lights as soon as I heard the car coming. Although I was a little scared of the darkness, I hid behind big boxes and kept quiet.

He noticed the boots and the fact that all my belongings were gone. He called my phone I programmed on silent and panicked a little. He mumbled under his breath, what the f*ck. For someone who does not swear, it was enough for me to laugh. I stood up and waited for him to see me. I knew he was slightly scared because he knows I will call the taxi to go home out of spite and just to teach him a lesson.

But even though I was mad, he smiled and reached inside his grocery bag and gave me my favourite chocolates. Sigh. How am I suppose to be mad now? I'm a sucker for small sweet things. That chocolate and his sometimes romantic self. Hmp.


It's a new year and I'm excited for what is to come. Even though there are already bumps along the way, who cares? If there's anything I ask for this year, it is renewal of my faith. Faith that God will be with me through everything and anything that will happen. ;)