Tuesday, August 24, 2010

good samaritans?

It baffles me everytime a patient eats half of whatever they bought and proceeds to offer me the leftover. Case in point, someone said "oh can you bring this to the nursing station in case they want the rest" while handing me a half cup of vegetables and dip. Erm.

And then even more bizarre is when the same thing happened to me outside the hospital. Wt.

I was looking at a table full of books for sale when a business man came up to me and asked, "would you like to have a grand [insert fancy Starbucks coffee]?" while extending the said cup. Erm. I politely declined and said I don't drink coffee.

Is it me or is it weird to offer strangers food whether it's half eaten or not?

Apparently if I help someone on a plane as a nurse, I am not covered under the Good Samaritan's law. Basically, if something happens and that said person who needed help sues me, it can actually happen. Erm.

Goal update: my arms are sore and I had to take a break from exercising (only one day!!)

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