Tuesday, May 10, 2011

and then a zombie was born

It's been months since I've done two weeks of night shift. Since my coworker doesn't need to be on permanent nights starting this week, we won't be switching shifts anymore.


It was good while it lasted.

I wasn't able to sleep during my break except for the 15 minutes I put my head down just to rest my eyes. Unfortunately, my mind and body would only allow me to sleep after I get home for 3 consecutive hours and then it becomes sleep-for-10-wake-up-sleep-for-10 cycle which can be more tiring.

Such is the life of a nurse.

Oh, by the way, it's Nurses Week. :)


I booked our trip to Disney for June. There's finally something to look forward to again!

Did I mention it would be my third time to this magical world? :D

It's good to feel like a kid every now and then. The adult world can be frustrating and challenging as it is rewarding.

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