Sunday, August 5, 2007

rewarding myself

A few unscheduled purchases later, I am broke. :$

Yesterday, the plan was just to hang out and possibly help to clean someone's house. It's not exciting but it's way better than just staying at home and wondering why I'm by myself on the weekend I'm off. Then a question was thrown casually, "you want to go to Sony store?" Of course I couldn't resist the temptation and blurted out yes. A few minutes inside the store, disappointed at their lack of cheaper memory card for the digicam, I spent my money instead on a leather case. Overpriced but it looked cute. That's enough justification if you ask me.

Unsatisfied, we went to a better store and a couple minutes later I applied for the store's credit card. Surprisingly my limit is enough to make someone cringe and protest as to why I should get so much. I joked that it's good for "emergencies". Errr. To make a long story short, I bought a laptop. I didn't bring it home yet because I might get in trouble for over spending when I've only had one pay so far. Sigh.

Memory lapse moment: I was pretty good today, I didn't spend a lot. | Umm yes you did. | You mean my shaver? *a few seconds later* Oh yeahhhh those. :$


My mom's not here for three weeks and I have a feeling I'll be losing much needed pounds. Sigh. It is hard to live off noodles, eggs and limited (or none at all) cooking skills.

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