Thursday, May 15, 2008

nurses' week

It's National Nursing Week and all I got was free food.

Haha. Kidding.

It's kind of funny but a week made up to celebrate the hardworking nurses of our society actually makes me proud that I've been a nurse for almost a year (in July). Yey, I'm surviving! I still can't believe it at times. Every now and then I lay in my bed after a hard shift and wait for the next nurse to call me and ask numerous questions about the things I left for him/her to sort out. Fortunately, there's none of that. *knock on wood*

I don't think any of the patients know it is my special week, otherwise they would ease off on their demands. Haha. Again, kidding. Errr. I do know how it is to be on the other side of the spectrum as I have had family members/friends who have been patients before but if only they consider my side too.

Anyway, life is a beach. Whatever that means. I kinda miss Cuba-beach-life.

I am back on night shifts.

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