Thursday, December 9, 2010

private thoughts

Sometimes I look at him and still wonder why he did it. Then there are those moments when I completely detach him from the act and be absolutely convinced that it wasn't the same man who did it.

When this year ends, I plan to forget.

What is love afterall if not to take risks?

It may not be easy to cast aside my doubts, insecurities and pain but how long do I intend to hold on to them anyway. If the unthinkable happens again, shame on me.


I saw a YouTube video of what a woman scorned by her cheating partner could do. I almost felt sorry for the mistress. Erm. If she didn't know he was attached, that would have been the worst way to find out. If she did in fact know, I wonder if she still think it was worth it. Eek.


I am procrastinating once again.

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