Sunday, November 25, 2007

the second trip

After a bit of a discussion with my family, I decided to head home and be the family representative (sort of) to say goodbye to my uncle. Although I missed the funeral itself and only visited the grave site, it was enough to see my aunt and cousin even if only for two weeks.

As with all goodbyes, it was spent reminiscing about the past and looking forward to moving on. Memories of our Puerto Azul trip was mentioned numerous times and those that were shared by other relatives and his coworkers and neighbors. It was kind of odd to be in the same house and not have my uncle there but that's how life is. Sigh.


The rest of my stay there was spent accompanying my aunt to file documents of all sort which meant waiting for hours and traveling to different places. Then SM became my hangout place during the afternoon to fill my luggage with the usual pasalubong just like last time. Í became the regular customer at Goldilocks and the internet cafe for one week. The girl who works there eventually called me by my first name as if we were long time friends much to my delight. :D One day was also spent at my hometown with my elementary friends which included drinking and talking about how we were before.

Airport stories and the rest will have to be on the next post. :D My goal for today is to recover from some sort of stiff neck after sleeping in an awkward position while in the plane for hours and hours. Eek.

Did I mention I'm back to work tomorrow?

Another EEK!

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