Wednesday, October 8, 2008

another blurb of a day

In light of the little things that has happened over the past few days/weeks (I've lost track), I/we have decided to think about ourselves. We, as a couple, do not exist. I will equate we, to make it easier to explain, to married couples or those who are happily together. There was no break-up but there was no guarantee that there won't be one either.

I guess it helps that I'm working nights tomorrow.

I won't be holding on to my phone hoping it will vibrate.

Instead, I will be giving out medications, answering call bells and jotting down endless pre-approved lines on patient's chart. I will be on a different mind frame. As my co-worker says, going through the motions.

Calmness surrounds me at this moment. It's that same feeling you get after crying. You gradually stop and think to yourself, what the hell was that all about? At least that's how I am. I get over it, only to repeat the cycle when I am reminded of the details. He accidentally keeps pulling that trigger and I am at the receiving end.

Sigh. The drama that I surround myself in. The drama that I have complete control over of, yet would rather pass on the right to end it.

The same drama that's occupying my little sanctuary of a blog.

I should stop watching Filipino series. They're corrupting my head. :S

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