Monday, May 10, 2010

toink, toink


I feel strange.

Writing it twice like that, it almost makes me doubt my spelling.

Again, I say strange.

Dear J,

How long are you going to make me wait?

Your impatient girlfriend

My arms are sore. My back is aching. I last worked on Thursday, so what's the problem?! *unintentional rhyming* All I know is I'll be finishing a tube of Rub-A535 tonight.

The funny thing is my parents think I'm a weakling. They asked if I could carry their TV out of their room for a replacement but wanted to do it with them. I said it's better if I just do it myself as it will be harder. The TV is only a fraction of what I carry at work. Erm.

Our family doctor is retiring and we are doctorless. We have a few prospects but the one they chose is not a bus away. At least, not something I'd consider to be that accessible as it would take me longer than 30 minutes. Erm.

As much as I hate visiting the doctor, I need to soon enough. I think my physical check-up has been way overdue. Sigh.

My head is clouded with nonsense.

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