Thursday, May 6, 2010

it's may already!

Today, I received a thank you card.

In between back-ache-inducing work, snotty remarks and frustrations, I felt a sense of accomplishment. Once again, I felt that I do make a difference.

Even more satisfying is the fact that this particular patient is also a nurse.

I finally received my tax rebate. It means I can pay off some debt and maybe return some of it in my savings account that seems to be only increasing as fast as a snail's pace.

I also managed to force myself to shop for basic t-shirts and tanks, picking up sure-that-looks-good as I passed by the aisle. I can't seem to find anything I love and if I did, I talked myself out of it for fear of overspending unnecessarily. On the other hand, I bought J a leather jacket. :S For some reason, I hate it when he goes to a store, looks at a particular thing for a long time then proceed to say, "maybe next time".


That can't be right.

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