Sunday, December 7, 2008

sound of silence

There are awkward moments and there are AWKWARD moments. And no, it's not during the silence after your brother loudly says ack-ward (note: also said with an accent). Errr. It's much worst.

It's the awkwardness after someone says something to you and you can't think of a reply no matter how much you squeeze your brain. It's also that moment when two people are fighting and they expect you to jump in anytime to put your two cents in. The only problem is that both are thinking you'll be on their side ready to defend them. And have you ever been involved in a conversation when he or she says something completely out of the blue and unexpected that a silent moment passes by for what feels like forever?

Yes. Yes. And yes.

Some people would say, what's wrong with a silent moment anyway? I say, plenty when there's clearly a "right" answer. Imagine a thought cloud hovering above your head anime-style with "..." on it. You may even roll your eyes, curl your lips or start to look around looking for an exit sign. :S


I don't really have a clear point.

Just so happens that awkwardness is in the air. I've been breathing it in while tumbleweeds are rolling along. Errr.

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