Saturday, June 19, 2010

small talk

I generally don't like small talk.

It can get uncomfortable and awkward without any warning. A question only answered with a yes or no instantly kills the conversation. *cue: rolling tumbleweeds* Then there's the same question every single time that can only result with the same response. It really is no ones fault - that's just how it is.

In saying that, I engage in small talk every day I work. It is necessary to build some sort of a relationship that is needed given our situation. It is not enough to play the part of "I'm your nurse and you're the patient". It just doesn't work that way.

The most recent one I've had with a patient was about their gadget-like toilet I've only seen, so far, in Japan. Now, that's a small talk I don't mind engaging in - light and different. It reminds me of a Seinfeld episode where George felt offended that his girlfriend didn't think that talking about washroom stalls were interesting enough. On the contrary, I say it is.

Who wants to talk about the same old thing when there's a million more topics out there?

(1) I am a victim and a perpetrator of small talk
(2) Example of small talk: How's work? / Good. / That's good. / Yeah / *awkward pause* / It's nice to see you again / Yeah. It's been a while. / *awkward pause* / I'll see you next time then / *end of small talk*

I woke up feeling well rested only to be disappointed when I checked my clock and realized only two hours passed and its only 3:30.


(1) Why do people feel the need to air their dirty laundry? Is it just me or some things are just meant to be personal?
(2) I am officially staying away from malls or any place that the card can effortlessly glide and put a dent on my bank account.
(3) The doctor wants to see me to "discuss the results". This is what happens when you complain that the doctor never calls you to tell you about tests you've done. Come and see me again = something is abnormal. Erm.
(4) I am too cellphone dependent.
(5) I want an Ipad. Just because.

Patient: Will you get offended if I tell you something?
Me: No, no, go ahead.
Patient: You look like you're 12.
Me: It'll be a compliment when I'm 40.

I'm babbling because it's 6 am and there's no one to talk to.

This would be the perfect time to have a small talk with anyone. Erm.


jello said...

how's work?

blueskies said...

work is work is work. haha