Friday, January 28, 2011


me: Aww, she's so cute.
him: Who?
me: Umm..she walked right in front of us, it's impossible you didn't see her. I like what she's wearing.
him: Oh, I didn't notice.
me: Can you not pretend you didn't see her so we can talk about what she was wearing?
him: Well...
me: I like her skirt.
him: If I said you should wear something like that, you'll get mad.
me: So now you admit you did see her.

I must admit, it is hard for him to win. :S


Another shift, another sleepless night. Will I be happy if I quit and work somewhere else? Is it nursing itself that is burning me out or the work load that they keep throwing on my plate without taking something else?

If it weren't for the good days, I would be easily swayed.


I think I gained some weight. At least a few people have told me I look like I did.

That works for me :)

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