Monday, December 31, 2007

goodbye and hello

A couple more hours and it will be 2008.

This means a few days or even weeks of getting used to jotting down 8 instead of 7 when it's time to write the date. Ah, yes, legal documents will once again be scratched and marked with my initials to correct this common mistake.


This will be the first year in my 23 years of existence that I won't be spending New Year's eve with my family. Sigh. I just hope my co-workers decide to bring some food to make things a little more festive. I was supposed to bring puto since it's my tita's specialty but she made it two days early. My mom suggested I bring empanada instead which doesn't seem to miss an apperance whenever there's a gathering at my house. Two boxes should be enough. I'll just stuff my face with food, take my break and hope time flies by fast.

must. think. happy. thoughts.


Happy New Year!

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