Sunday, July 8, 2007

i promise, now it's your turn

Can I tell you a secret?
Yeah, sure.
But you have to promise that you'll never tell anyone. Not even your boyfriend.
Oh that kind of secret? Are you sure you want to tell me?
Okay then.

I often joke that promises mean nothing to me. At least I try not to put much importance to it because they are after all made to be broken. But in some cases, secrets are secrets and they are meant to stay that way.

A friend of mine once said that when someone tells you a secret, it is expected that you will tell someone about it. According to him, we all have this need to share what we know and the one person we tell it to is the exception in the "tell no one" clause. It can be a boy/girlfriend, a sibling or a friend. It's not because you want to spread the secret entrusted to only you (at least that's what you are led to believe) but it's because it's in our nature. As simple as that.

As for this secret that my friend told me, I think I might just have to break that assumption. Maybe I really don't have to tell anyone. Not even my boyfriend. Yup, not even him.


Can I keep you forever?
I promise.


nikka said...

trust no one.


i agree with that whole thing, though -- though there are just some secrets more easily divulge-able than others. XD

kristine said...

hahaha. :P

it seems like some secrets are just "secrets", while others are meant to be kept in a "vault". it's like that episode of seinfeld. haha. i watch tv too much.