Thursday, July 26, 2007

money, money, money

It's pay day today and I have yet to see my hard work translated into $. Since this is my first salary, I'm overly excited and checked my account as soon as I felt like it wasn't too early to exert effort. Disappointment never fails to disappoint me though. It wasn't there and two things ran through my head: (a) Did I give the right banking information to pay roll? (b) Is it really pay day today?


Maybe I'll just wait. It's not like I had plans to go out and spend said hard-earned money on maybe a laptop or much needed shoes. Anyway, I'm drawn to the Sony VAIO's cuteness. Gasp. How can I possibly choose a laptop this way? Well, it's because I've consulted computer geeks (yes, they know I call them that and I say it with affection. haha) and it's okay. As for the shoes, I have to wait until we cross the border and shop at Buffalo. I'm still undecided about the laptop and might only be convinced if only I can see how much I earned.

And since I know Disappointment almost always shows up like an uninvited guest at the most inopportune time, I decided to round up my expected salary to the lowest possible amount. Apparently, deductions are a killer. So now, I wait.

Tomorrow and the rest of the weekend will be spent sleeping during the day and working at nights. Hello pimples and eyebags. Goodbye bed.

Memory lapse moment:
him: Remember when we passed by that dinosaur foot print and I pointed it out to you?
me: When?
him: hour ago?
me: Are you sure I was listening when you were talking?
him: Yeah. You even said something.
me: Oh. I honestly don't remember that conversation.

I wonder what else my memory has been depriving me of?!

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