Monday, April 19, 2010

if i had a penny for everytime...

Only one more week and I'm gonna be another year older! I feel older - in numbers but not in spirit. ;)


It's a habit. I click, click and click until I arrive at something interesting. Today, this is what I found:

I just love cherry blossoms. It's a short film called Five Centimeters per Second. I wish to be walking along cherry blossoms in Japan one day. :)

Two trips to the mall with nothing to show for. What's wrong with me? Am I unconsciously holding my purse a little tighter than usual? Ugh. I can't even find anything new to wear for my birthday. :(

The weirdest advice I have EVER received: Why don't you get pregnant so your bf would marry you.



jello with ketchup said...

i liked that anime!! it was interesting but i almost fell asleep half way! hahaha!!

well getting pregnant is an option?? hahahah!!

kristine said...

I almost gave up after the first chapter but good thing I didn't. It was actually good even though it's not the traditional "happy ending".

Eek! I will just ignore that. Haha. I'd consider walking away with no marriage proposal than intentionally trap him. Hehe. Blurb.