Friday, April 23, 2010


I am now 26 years old.
I spent the first 10 minutes of my birthday frantically writing the last things I did for my patients. I was very optimistic at the start of the shift but things went downhill after that.
Next year, I'll make sure that I'm not working before, the day of and after my birthday.
On a side note, J decided to open up the prospect of buying a place together. I coyly said no but since he didn't seem to get the hint, I ended up saying "you haven't even asked me to marry you, you're already asking to buy a place with me?". Of course, it kinda took him by surprise. I gave him a smile and said my good bye as I got out of the car. He was afterall nice enough to pick me up from work and drive me home.
Was that a little to blunt though? Erm.
I bought myself a new shirt for my birthday. That is all. :S

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