Wednesday, April 7, 2010


You know what's hard about being in the medical field? It's the paranoia that comes with it. The fear of losing my license because I didn't document something that happened or something I may or may not have done. It's that nagging feeling that if I forget to do something important it will haunt me three years later in a court case. It's tiring. My stress level and sanity is always on the line. Being a nurse means that I don't get to go home and leave my work where it belongs, at work. It follows me everywhere I go.

Did I also mention that I am constantly thinking about what kind of diseases I may or can have? Do you know how many patients of mine are in their 20s? It's depressing. It's scary. It's unbelievable.

Sometimes, I really don't know why I chose this profession.

It's one of those days that I can't possibly vent at work anymore. We are all in it. Unfortunately, I can't vent to anyone outside of the medical field either, no one understands. Besides, is it really fair for them to share these kind of things?


I'm done.

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