Monday, June 18, 2007

another milestone

I finally graduated. My four years in university ended at the same place I started my orientation as a clueless first year student. It was kind of an emotional day even though I didn't shed a tear. It felt like highschool. Only this time, I don't have an award and my name wasn't mentioned as one of the the honour students. I miss being a nerd.

My parents and cousin attended the three hour long ceremony. Th
ey even saw me in the screen because the school wanted to sell and broadcast it live for those who did not have a chance to go inside the theater and those that could only watch it online. I think that's kind of cool. :D I was talking to the girl beside me and I don't like video cams so I opted not to make any eye contact. Haha.

To celebrate, my mom decided that we should go to a Japanese restaurant where they cook your food in front of you. It was my second time there and I'm still amazed at the skill of the chef (?). He was pretty funny too. He actually launched a shrimp tail on my dad's forehead pretending to aim it on his mouth. My dad's bald which made it even funnier. Errr.

All in all, it was fun and I can now have a big sigh of relief. :D

Graduation loot bag: a jogging (?) pants with NURSE written behind it (haha), an overpriced frame to display my degree on, money, two dresses and a shopping spree at AE.

As one girl told me, "someone's on cloud 9".


Angela said...

congrats! :D

linchpin said...

congratulations as well!

may future challenges and endeavors be as rewarding.:)

blueskies said...

thanks! :D

i hope so...

noreen said...

congrats. welcome to the real world! :)

Angeli said...

Hey woman! Congrats! =D

kristine said...

@ noreen and angeli: salamat! :D on to new adventures...finally.