Wednesday, March 4, 2009

pick me

The vacation schedule was finally posted this week and I got what I requested - 3 weeks of vacation. Yey!

Now comes the hard part as it entails decisions as to who I'm going with, how long I will stay and when I am leaving. :S My aunt and uncle already booked a flight that has a US stop-over. My parents on the other hand, does not want that but will be leaving the same day. My sister and brother are going two days after the said date because of her work schedule. So which one do I choose?

If that's not confusing enough, all of them have their own agenda as to how long they'll be staying. My sister for two and a half weeks, my parents for three weeks and my aunt for a month. Erm. Then the fact that each flight will cost between $1100 to $1800 can be a deal breaker. Sigh.

At this point, I am leaning towards staying the full three weeks just because I need time away from work. It also means that I'll have more time to spend with my family and friends because it might take a while before I can come back again. There are two cons to this decision (a) the longer I stay, the more I spend (b) I'm back to work 1-2 days after I land - jetlag!

Choices, choices.

Surprisingly, he doesn't mind if I stay there longer because he thinks its a waste of money if I only go for two weeks. This means that he is not a factor in my decision making. Erm.


chris said...

hehehe at least you get 1-2 days off after you land. me, i went to work the next day. i was groggy the whole week i'm not sure if i was even being myself. haha!

make the most out of your trip! it'll be a nice reward for working too hard! =D

blueskies said...

i ended up taking 3 days leave of absence (so i need to make sure not to overspend) just to make sure i have enough time to recover. :D

i'm very excited and so far i'm leaning towards going with my siblings.

jello said...

pfft...i say u're having too many vacations...taking a day off just for some dancers on tv?!! absurd i tell ya! crazy! u know why he lets u take longer vacations? hahaha =P i'd do the sameee thinggg...just kidding.

but then again after all the blood gushing, diarrhea splashing, back aching stuff u've been through or going through still,, yeah u need a vacation! hahaha! ...i need a coffin.

blueskies said...

i, sadly, didn't get the much needed day off to watch said "some dancers" (the cutest dancers would be a better way of describing them). sigh.

and he lets me take vacations because he'll be free to work everyday and all day without someone bothering him (and of course because he loves me too) haha. :P